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Zöld energia

About us

Bravosolar is the newest member of the Bravogroup family, which is one of the largest and privately held group in Hungary. The group with its more than 600 colleagues can offer comprehensive solutions in energetics, office, mobile, and IT services to the thousands of customers more than 3 decades.
The portfolio was extended with a new member in 2018. Renewable energy is a new field of activity of Bravogroup. So the group can offer high quality planning and implementation in this highly developing market. This is Bravosolar.
We offer complex solutions to our customers starting from the distribution of solar power systems through planning and scaling to implementation. We, as a committed devotee of green energy, will help you to reduce your energy dependence regardless of whether it is isolated or hybrid system.
Besides of the residental projects, we can offer special solutions for institutions, agricultural buildings, SMEs and corporations to reduce electricity bills.
Furthermore, we are operating on the electic vehicle (EV) charger market also, as we distribute and implement these systems. Whether it’s about residental or business needs we can offer the best solution to our partners.

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Komplex épületenergetikai megoldások

Complex solutions in energetics of buildings

We can offer combined complex solutions (like smart lighting and energy management) with other members of Bravogroup besides our solar power systems and EV chargers.

Tanácsadás, konzultáció


How can you increase the efficiency of the energy consumption of your residental or other buildings? How can you reduce your CO2 footprint? What is the the return time of the implementation? What kind of technology is the most suitable for you? We will answer all of these quetions.

Helyszíni felmérés

On-site trials

A paraméterek pontos meghatározásához és személyre szabott ajánlatunk kidolgozásához helyszíni felmérésre van szükség, kollégáinkkal állunk személyes rendelkezésre hétköznapokon Budapesten és vidéken egyaránt. On-site trials are essential to provide exact and personalized quatations. We are at your service in Budapest and and nation-wide also.

Tervezés, engedélyeztetési folyamatok

Planning (solar power systems, EV chargers)

We will create a detailed project documentation based on your requests and expectation. It will also contains the licensing procedures as well as the possible grants (even non reimbursable ones).

Teljeskörű kivitelezés

Complete implementation

We will implement the accepted plans also.

Karbantartás, garancia

Maintenance, warranty

Regular maintenance work and revision are required to keep your system up and run. We offer a 10-year extended warranty for our solar power systems.

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  • +36 70 227 4388
  • 1145 Budapest, Újvilág u. 50.